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Residential Lighting

The following programs are intended for residential members of Pella Cooperative Electric. In order to qualify, the equipment must be installed and energized at a location served by the Cooperative. Installation is subject to utility verification. Member must provide proof of purchase. Equipment eligibility should be confirmed prior to installation.  


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Indoor Lighting
  • High Pressure Sodium and Pulse Start Metal Halide Fixtures
  • ENERGY STAR Compact Flourescent
  • ENERGY STAR or DesignLights Qualified LED Fixtures

Download the Indoor Lighting Rebate Form - 2019

Maintenance Free Outdoor Lights

$2.50 / month


$10.00 / month


The Cooperative will install and maintain a LED outdoor security light, on our structure, with a dawn-to-dusk sensor. Call us at (800) 619-1040 to enroll in the maintenance free outdoor lighting program.




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