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State Panel Approves New Air Pollution Fees

The Iowa EPA approves new fees and air quality permit requirements.

Fossil Fuels and Renewables Needed for Energy Sustainability

Energy must be secure, reliable, affordable and cost-competitive, as well as environmentally responsible.

Iowa Area Development Group Receives National Award

Iowa Area Development Group recognized for its efforts in supporting rural economic development growth and opportunities. 

Capital Credit Retirement in December

The Pella Cooperative Electric Board of Directors has authorized a retirement of $177,470.72 in capital credits to cooperative members for the years 1995, 1996, and 2014.

When Pella Cooperative Electric closes its books at the end of each year, the Cooperative hopes to have money left over when all the bills have been paid and all the expenses have been taken into consideration.  The remaining money is called a margin, and it's one of the biggest differences between a cooperative and an investor-owned utility.

Inova and Battelle Selected to Lead State's Energy Plan Development

The State of Iowa hires Inova and Battelle to lead on the development of the state's new energy plan.

Pella Cooperative Electric Partial Power Requirement Tariff

In July Pella Cooperative Electric sent a letter of notification to members who have installed, or are planning to install, generation systems that interconnect with the Cooperative’s distribution system. 


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