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7 Cooperative Principles

1. Voluntary and Open Membership

                Anyone can join a cooperative, they don’t discriminate based on gender, social, racial, political religious factors.

2.  Democratic Member Control

                Members control their business by deciding how it’s run and who leads it.

3.  Members’ Economic Participation

                All cooperative members invest in their cooperative.  This means people, not shareholder, benefit from a cooperative’s profits.

4.  Autonomy and Independence

                When making business deals or raising money, cooperatives never compromise their autonomy or democratic member control.

5.  Education, Training and Information

               Cooperatives provide education, training and information so their members can contribute effectively to the success of their cooperative.

6.  Cooperation Among Cooperatives

                Cooperatives believe working together is the best strategy to empower their members and build a stronger cooperative economy.

7.  Concern for Community

                Cooperatives are community-minded.  They contribute to the sustainable development of their communities by sourcing and investing locally.



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