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Agricultural Equipment

The following programs are intended for agricultural members of Pella Cooperative Electric.  In order to qualify, the equipment must be installed and energized at a location served by the cooperative.  Member must provide proof of purchase.  Equipment eligibility should be confirmed prior to installation.

Download a summary of all agricultural rebates

Adjustable Speed Drives

$40 / Horsepowered Controlled
Maximum rebate is $5,000 per facility. Requests over $2,500 or 5 motors require pre-approval. Additional requirements apply, see rebate form for more details.

Important: Adjustable Speed Drives introduce harmonics into the power system. Harmonics present in the motor supply heat the motor and do not produce useful torque, affecting motor lifetime and derating the motor capacity. Reduction of harmonics is also important to ensure reliable power quality for other consumers and utility equipment. It is strongly recommended that a third party be used to provide an analysis for potential harmonics problems.

Download the Adjustable Speed Drive Rebate Form - 2019

Dairy Equipment
  • Dairy Milk Precoolers
  • Dairy Heat Reclaimers
  • Variable Speed Vacuum Pump
  • Scroll Compressor

Rebate not to exceed installed cost. Maximum combined rebate is $2,000 per year for each technology.

Download the Dairy Equipment Rebate Form - 2019

Ventilation Equipment
  • Ventilation Fans
  • Ventilation Thermostat Controller
  • Circulating Fan

Rebate not to exceed installed cost. Maximum combined rebate per account is $2,000 per year for ventilation equipment.

Download the Livestock Ventilation Equipment Rebate Form - 2019

Livestock Equipment
  • Heat Lamps
  • Crate Heating Pads - Single and Double Pads
  • Heat Lamp or Heat Pad Controller
  • Livestock Waterers

Rebate not to exceed installed cost. Maximum combined rebate per location is $1,200 per year for all livestock equipment.

Download the Livestock Equipment Rebate Form - 2019 




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