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Residential Water Heating

The following programs are intended for residential members of Pella Cooperative Electric.  In order to qualify, the equipment must be installed and energized at a location served by the cooperative.  Member must provide proof of purchase.  Equipment eligibility should be confirmed prior to installation.

Download a summary of all residential rebates

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In stock, premium efficiency water heaters


Member Price

Retail Price


Efficiency Rating





50 Gallon
(25" x 67")


Guaranteed never to leak for as long as you own your home!




50 Gallon
(21" x 62")


Six year warranty on tank. 
One year warranty on installation.

Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater



50 Gallon
(22.25" x 61")


One year warranty on parts and labor.
Ten year warranty parts only.


*Rebate is included in prices

Seasonal accounts, boiler applications, and buffer or storage uses are not eligible for rebates or reduced member price. Replacement parts or major relocation may incur additional charges. Pella Cooperative Electric reserves the right to refuse installation on premises where plumbing or electrical systems are marginal or unsafe. Dimensions provided are floor to top of fittings. Additional room needed for hookup. Requires a 220 volt, 30 amp circuit.


Water Heater Service






Delivery to service location



At discretion of the cooperative



Water Heating Rebates






45-55 Gallon Tank

Resistance storage unit. Minimum energy factor .95


Geothermal Assisted Storage Unit

50-55 gallon models.  Minimum energy factor .94



Heat Pump Integrated Unit

Must be ENERGY STAR rated.  Minimum 40 gallons.  Must be installed by a valid plumber or a qualified electrician.




Download the Water Heater Equipment Rebate Form - 2019


Call our Member Relations Manager Stan Eysink at (641) 628-1040 for more product information and to find the best option for you.



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