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Your Annual Meeting

Why Do We Have Annual Meetings?

The primary function of the annual meeting is to provide members with the opportunity to have their voices heard.

The cooperative is owned by the members. One of the benefits of member ownership is that you have a voice in how the cooperative operates. At the end of the day, we are accountable to the members, and not outside investors.

During a typical annual meeting, members will receive reports on the cooperative's current status. The annual meeting also serves as an opportunity to discuss the business with Directors and other staff members. Here members come together to elect one of their own as a leader of the cooperative.

Typically, the annual meeting is held in the spring. Before the meeting, members are provided with a catered meal. During the meeting they enjoy entertainment and door prizes after participating in the cooperative governance process.

Annual Report Information

President and CEO's report to the membership.
Meet your director candidates.
View financial reports.
Learn what a cooperative is and why it benefits you.

View the 2019 Annual Report


Photo of Board President Duane Ver Ploeg Photo of CEO Jon K. Miles
Board President Duane Ver Ploeg CEO Jon K. Miles










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